Dear all, here my last short “The business” in full version. It lasts 15 minutes, so no excuses! The story talks about a small factory in crisis and about what the owner is going to do not to lose everything.   Breaking news! After winning The Best Italian short award at RIFF, now we will […]

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"La cabeza"
Agency: Euro Rscg, PH: Filmmaster Filmmini
Client: Comunicazione Italiana
Ariston "4th Element"
PH: Seiperdue
"Il messaggio"
Cortometraggio per il 25° della strage dell'Ist. Salvemini
"Teste Dure"
Agency:, PH: Arancine
Agency: Comunicattive, PH: 6X2 Produzioni
Italian Masters Vol. I - Piero Umiliani
Junkfood + Enrico Gabrielli
Tonno Nostromo "Pit stop di gusto"
Agency: Max Information, PH: Filmgood
Bologna Fiere "Where do you think you are?"
PH: Seiperdue
Firefox "Share your skills"
PH: Seiperdue
AiL Emilia-Romagna "Grazie!"
Friskies "The cat"


Sigur Ros - "The Valtari Mystery Film Experiment"

Nevica su 4.0 - "Mario non ha paura"

Gazebo Penguins - "Troppo facile"

Web Serie

PH: Milano Film Festival e Banca Prossima

Status is a web serie created and directed by Renato, Margherita and myself. Together, we brainstormed the concept and put it to paper. Having split the scenes of the pilot episode, we won the contest... We split the scenes of the pilot episode and we won the contest "Are you series?" launched in 2014 by the Milan Film Festival, which became, along with Banca Prossima, our producers. We have been able to shoot for a month between Italy and Albania with a budget of €60.000. There are 10 episodes, 10 minutes each. You will be able to find them by December 2014 on Mymovies and on Youtube. Because of the number of episodes, we decided to split them up using the "method" of Russian roulette. So I have shot episode 4, "La grande bouffe", episode 8, "For Lightning" and episode 9, "Kam bombolat." The cast is made of many talented italian and albanian actors. Enjoy!

Short Movies

"The Business", 2014, 15'
Cinquina Nastri d'Argento e Globi d'Oro 2015

The Business is my latest short film. To make sure I stayed true to the characters and wasn't just making shit up I spent several months interviewing real entrepreneurs from Emilia-Romagna. In March 2014, The Business won the Best Italian Short at the Rome Independent FF and afterward was selected to be shown at Bif&st of Bari, and at the Belgrade Documentary&Short FF. Now is running with his legs.

"Autodafè", 2011, 10'

This short movie takes place all inside a parked car on the side of a road. The car is a claustrophobic environment that I like to shoot, when I can, in my stories.

"The Winner", 2009, 19'

The Winner, shot in 2009, is my first short film with a budget. The idea of Scratch & Work came to me in 2007 while I was in line to buy cigarettes at a tobacco shop in Bologna. The main actors, Stefano Pietro Detassis and Alessandra Chieli also co-authored the screenplay with me. When I can, as in these cases, I like to tell a story that starts with a single idea I'm struck by, and then elaborate and script it with other "accomplices".

Those who want to know who gave me the money for these jobs, just have to read the end credits.
 I have several ideas for my first feature film, but of course, I can't disclose them just yet.


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Born in Bologna (Italy), I'm Libra. I graduated in Law in 2003. After that I was an ice cream seller - a door-to-door salesman - a car seller - a credit recovery man - a lawyer - a radio speaker - a journalist - a movies&commercials a.d.. Why? Because life is a commedy made of different acts all arranged for the last one: to be the freelance director I am now!

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